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Your home is more than just a building with walls and a roof. It's a place where friends and family gather to make memories. A place where you sleep at night and prepare for the day. A place where you can unwind in front of the television and enjoy a good game and a cold one. Your home is an integral part of your life.

However, your home might not be doing enough to keep up with your needs. At Ideal Kitchens & Wardrobes Bathurst, we help customise your home to meet all of your needs. .

We build custom kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms, studies, laundries, pantries and cabinetry

Plus, we can help you customise your brand-new home. We work with contractors and builders to give you exactly what you want and need.

For years, we've built custom solutions for homeowners just like you. They had a great home, but it lacked something. After a consultation with us, we were able to identify what they wanted and design a custom build that they fell in love with.

Our goal is to create custom solutions that you fall in love with. We take your ideas and dreams, and we make them a reality. With hundreds of satisfied customers, there's a reason why so many people trust us with your custom kitchens, wardrobes and laundries.
Kitchen with Benchtop — Custom Work in Bathurst, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions


Aren’t custom solutions more expensive than prefabricated options?
Yes, a custom-built solution will cost more than a prefabricated option. However, a custom-built solution will outlast prefabricated options due to the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the build.
How long will a custom solution take to complete?
Will a custom-built solution increase the value of my home?