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Custom wardrobes in Bathurst


Custom Wardrobes

A wardrobe is more than a storage place for all of your clothing. When properly designed, they're an addition that can transform the look of your room while giving you more storage space.

At Ideal Kitchens & Wardrobes Bathurst, we can help design custom wardrobes to meet your needs and look great too. We don't use prefabricated options, instead opting to build "perfect fit" wardrobes that flow seamlessly with your home.

Four Benefits of a Custom Wardrobe


1. Perfect Fit

First, a custom-built wardrobe will match your current home design flawlessly. No matter the design of your home, your custom wardrobe will look like it was built specifically for your home.

Not only will they fit perfectly, but they'll be built to your needs. Some wardrobes have multiple options including adjustable shelving and drawers, hanging shelves and soft close drawers.

2. Lasts Longer

Custom-built wardrobes are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last longer than prefabricated wardrobes. Since they are built to fit, they'll work for all of your needs without the need for modifications.

3. Adds Value to Your Home

While you may not be looking to sell your home right now, there might be a day when you decide that it's time. If so, a custom wardrobe is a big selling point and definitely increases the value of your home.

For those looking for a great home with plenty of storage, a custom wardrobe can tilt the scales in your favour.

4. Maximizes Storage Space

And finally, a custom wardrobe gives you the most storage space possible. While prefabricated options will give you decent storage space, they'll never match up to a custom wardrobe that is designed to suit your needs perfectly.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Wouldn’t a prefabricated wardrobe work for most applications?
Prefabricated wardrobes are appropriate for investment properties and prefabricated homes, however, if you’re looking to build a custom home, having a custom wardrobe is the best way to fit it into your plan.
How long do custom wardrobes take to build?
Can a custom wardrobe be changed at a later time to fit my needs better?